With bonfire night approaching, it’s important to remember our natural neighbours at this time and protect them from any harm and suffering.
Bonfire night is a fun time for all the family, but it’s not much fun for hedgehogs or other wildlife if they are caught in the cross fire.  There are ways we can help to prevent this.

–  Bonfires look like cozy places to sleep.  Building bonfires only on the day that they are going to be lit reduces the opportunity for wildlife to nest in there.  (It also makes it easier for you to light)

–  If an unlit bonfire has been left unattended, it’s important to check for wildlife by lifting it with a pole or broom handle and listening carefully for any signs of life.  Please do not use a fork or space as this can cause further harm.

If you find a hedgehog in your bonfire, take as much of its nesting material as you can and then place it in a high-sided cardboard or plastic box with plenty of newspaper or old towelling.  Ensure that there are air holes for the hedgehog to breath before firmly attaching the lid.  Put the box in a safe and quiet place and give it some cat or dog food and water.  Once the bonfire is completed dampened down and it’s safe to do so, release the hedgehog under a bush or a hedge.

If you have any doubts or concerns, please contact the Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group for more details and support: www.jerseyhedgehogs.org.je

If you are interested in purchasing a Smart Hedgehog Cafe box, our friends at Acorn Enterprises are selling these in conjunction with the Jersey Hedgehog Preservation Group.

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